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About Benedict, the SEO CompanY 2003-2011

Benedict Sykes is our top SEO Consultant. that increases the amount of sales a client makes online through natural search. I work with businesses, invariably in the London or Surrey areas on a project basis. Projects are often for over 12 months. I am currently involved in five different projects in the following industries. Finance, IT, Property, and Events industry (December 2008). " Projects are both B2C and B2B.

I assist companies achieve the goal of effectively "harnessing the Internet to their business." I work closely with a number of SEO Consultants, pooling the resources of a team of five freelance SEO Consultants and web designers. 

The Internet is simply a marketing vehicle for a client to achieve more profit, which is why I speak in pounds and pence, not bits, hits and bytes. see ROI

As a talented London based Natural Search Consultant, I am expert in all areas of web design, development and website promotion. see core skills

My bottom-line focus is increasing profits for your business. My internet marketing philosophy is simply; to plan and implement a successful Internet marketing campaign, based upon achieving a rapid return on investment by identifying, attracting new revenue streams.

I offer a variety of specialist web marketing services that complement SEO, website design and development. see services

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