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The greatest factor in website promotion is information or commonly referred to as content. Our copywriters as skilled at:

Improving existing copyseo copywriting

Writing unique copy that is both interesting and informative

Optimising all copy for Google and Yahoo

Writing optimised copy that is both informative and compelling is a major part of all Campaigns. Our copywriters provide unique content that is written specifically with SEO in mind. This does not mean that the copy is dull or 'stuffed' with keywords, rather it maintains user interest and presents sufficient information that will lead to an enquiry or sale.

SEO phrases and keywords are often nonsensical. The phrases used in searches are rarely coherent. Google is extremely aware of SEO prepared copy and disdains it. There advice is clear and concise (see Google's advice).

We are SEO Consultants as we believe that "the essence of the internet, is providing the right information, to the right user at the right time." » Internet Marketing Ethics

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