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How am I Different?

"All the SEO companies say the same thing and promise the same thing. The only difference they have is price and results. How am I different?  I thought this would be best explained using a quick guide to choosing a SEO company."

Quick Guide to choosing an SEO company

Are their prices open and up front? see prices

Do they offer client list and case studies? see case studies

Do they have their own servers see resources

Do they talk about software that builds links or ppc solutions indefinitely? see ppc

How long have they been in business? see about

Are they members of Nominet

Do they guarantee a top position? - you are wasting your money

Do they insist on a contract and not let results simply be the deciding factor on continuation

Do they constantly research their SEO skills by exploring new methords of link building and website promotion?

Have they built a portfolio of over a 1000 websites in order to facilitate this research

Are they used by a large number of TOP SEO Agencies as a white hat solution?

How am I different?

Highly experienced SEO Professional with a very different take on internet marketing. Call 020 8879 3340 and you will hear the difference within 60 seconds.

Proven Track record in making my clients money

Nominet Member and domain portfolio owner (TAG Whythink)

Extensive in house resources

"I will tell you I cannot help you if I don't believe I can undertake your work"

Ethical and professional, well known and respected

You found this website on the first page?

Many Clients have been with me for years. Whilst it is important for a client to see a return on their investment as soon as possible, it would be wrong to use techniques that might guarantee a short term gain at the expense of long term benefit to the company. Whilst we are ethical we do push the boundaries to ensure all of our clients are getting the very best in SEO skills and practices.

If you are interested in establishing your business online with a solid, effective and profitable foundation then please contact me. If you are looking for a quick win, take me to the top of Google etc., then please click here. Internet Marketing Ethics


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