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"Gates360™ is a system that ensures Benedict Sykes client's experience a dramatic expansion in their online presence and benefit from the resulting web traffic." Gates360™ is both a manual and automated system named after the location Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, invented Google in. It is a simple network of over 1400 webmasters who control vast numbers of websites.

A new website is presented into the system for webmasters to consider. If it is of interest, merit or value he (or she) may or may not link to it. It is that simple. No links can be purchased, no reciprocal links given, no pressure can be brought to bear. This is simple the internet acting as a network of valuable information being accessible.Gates360™ encompasses Benedict Sykes's mission statement and reflects their entire philosophy behind the internet, that 'relevant and correct' information should be able to be found simply and efficiently.'

Currently every web marketer is talking about 'Link development'. Strategic link building has become an integral task in any website marketing campaign. There is a mad rush to link client's sites to any website. Huge link farms have appeared. Buying and exchanging links has become an industry.

However, Benedict Sykes believe that all links should be relevant, both topically and industry specific.

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