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Getting Started

You want more sales, more leads or traffic?
"You want to use the internet to promote your business. You have looked at other SEO companies and all of them say the same thing! Prices vary hugely and you don't understand whom to use. You just want some one to get on with it, at a sensible price, with a good return."

You want an SEO expert with a proven track record? Who has existing clients who can be telephoned for their recommendation. You want a SEO Consultant who is more advanced, more successful and can beat your competitors......"

Is it worth taking the time and effort?
We asked a number of business owners 'if being ranked highly in the search engines was good for business?' They all answered YES.

We then asked, 'OK, how much is it worth in pounds and pence?' .... no one knew. We can tell you exactly how much being ranked #1 for a keyword is worth financially.

We have developed a proven algorithm, that quantifies potential traffic, enquiries and revenue. As part of an initial meeting, we will quantify potential revenue figures for you.  If the figures do not stack up, of if the project is unlikely to succeed, we tell you right from the off and walk away.

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