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Global Intranets

What are Global Intranets?

A Global Intranet is a network of websites that are all supporting a client's key website. They act as funnels for web traffic to be driven towards the main website. They are also very effective in link building strategies as the domains are always relevant and separate from the client's key site

They generate traffic for the key site by acting in disruptive manner (see why website promotion). global intranet SEO context

Regardless of which keywords a are used, Search Engines would theoretically present at least one client website (either supporting or key site).

In this sense, we have disrupted the search process by presenting our information regardless of search terms an internet user adopts..

Where do you get the domains from, how do you know which domains to buy?

I commissioned a robot that can be task to find UK domains. For example, if an interior design client wanted to undertake a website promotion strategy, we would send the robot out into the internet to bring back every UK domain, that had the word 'interior design' within a meta tag.

The same robot would then tell us if the domain is available, deleting soon, page rank, links etc. Part of my expertise is then to choose the most likely domains to succeed in driving traffic to a client's site.

As a Nominet member I have access to the DAC, and as domains are the tools of my trade I have a dropcatching service that buys two or three domains a day.

I then design the websites and host them for a client. I then monitor the sites' traffic to see if it has been successful and in need of additional design or SEO work.

In essence, a client can request whole directories and even their own search engine using the same technology.

Example of a Global Intranet



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