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Ethical Responsibility

Unfortunately the internet marketing industry, due to its relative anonymity, has thrown up a larger than average number of sharks and cowboys. SEO Agencies with guarantees of get rich quick schemes abound.

We adopt a simple ethical code for all online activities taken on behalf of our clients. Our ethics are based around our belief that the internet's true purpose is to supply users with the right information at the right time.

How we settle our collective conscience, is by only working with clients who are prepare to develop informational web pages and / or entire websites plus dynamic tools to give their potential customers or simply interested web visitors, up to date information around their product.

Google, for example has no interest in selling a your products. Although we take satisfaction from a client making a 'big sale', the real satisfaction is to see millions of users visit a good website and gain from the information supplied within.

This is one reason why we will never work for clients in the sex or gambling industries. This goes against our ethical believes that the internet is an information source for improving knowledge.We do not see how information regarding these subjects can really improve anyone's life.

This all may sound prudish or make Benedict seem somehow enlightened. However, we are responsible for over 4100 websites, with over 42,000 pages of content, generating yearly traffic of over 10,000,000 unique visitors. This is not a boast, but an ethical responsibility.


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