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Keyword Research, Competitor Research

Keyword research and competitor research is one of the most important and often ignored part of website promotion. For example 90% of SEO companies optimise their websites for the keyword 'web marketing'. This keyword is searched for 1200 times per day worldwide. There are 521 million competing web pages .

However the keyword 'website promotion' is search for 65,000 times a day and only has 93 million competing web pages.

Companies that 'guarantee' a client a top ranking in Google achieve this by choosing a keyword that is of no commercial value, ie a keyword that is not used by users when looking for a particular product or service.
» Example of Keyword AnalysisKeyword research

Get your keyword research wrong and your internet marketing budget is wasted. On the other hand, get it right and you can realise a valuable revenue source.

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keyword research


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