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We specialise in UK link building strategies that succeed in pushing our clients up through the Google Rankings to the first page. see evidence

Our Core strategy centres around a practice that is harshly named "Link Baiting". What link baiting is the simple procedure of creating a web page that has something of value or contains such interest, that users / webmasters etc will automatically see a reason to add a link from their blog or website to the page in mention. Viral marketing or word of mouth marketing is also used for this means.

Whilst link baiting is a more long term strategy, short term returns can be quickly achieved through our own system called Gates 360. This is a white hat simple linking human based system that does exactly what is says on the tin.

"If your website is relevant then we will link to it, If it is off subject, but has value or interest then we will link to it. If it of no interest then we will pass the url on to the next webmaster to evaluate. There are no reciprocal links and no payments, just the silent workings of an ethical internet....."

Whatever short or long term strategy we adopted to solve your company's link building solution you can rest assured that the number of new links to your website is being monitored by us and the improved evidence forwarded to you so that we can achieve clarity.

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