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Potential Revenue Example

Charity Recruitment Market Online

The first task is to put a stick in the sand. By selecting a target revenue, in this case 3000 new candidate enquiries per month. This is deemed to be worth £110,000 pcm in additional revenue.

This figure is reached by taking 3000 new candidates, take out 3/4 as unsuitable or not interested in a position. That figure is then divided by ten (number of candidates who are successfully matched to a job) and then the total is multiplied by average revenue per filled position, ie £1500. This figure is provided by the client. (simple ROI formula)

Market is defined as number of users searching for employment within the charity sector, using the internet as a medium for research and communication.

The analysis is to further determine if the market can sustain 3000 new candidates’ enquiries to the client.

Potential Web Traffic
Potential Candidate Enquiries

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