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We do not use any software for promoting a client's online presence. Many companies advocate the use of buying traffic, linking software, robots etc. In our opinion, all software, no matter how random leaves traces. Those traces will be spotted by search engines and your websites dropped by Google.

We do not use black hat software


In its simplest form pay per click or PPC is an online advertising format that allows clients to effectively purchase their way to the top of search results pages for search phrases.

We advise clients on the use of ppc and on the content of their adverts if they wish. However we are an Internet Marketing Agency, not an Advertising Agency. Our own views on ppc is that is it expensive, often badly managed and not effective on products or services that have a low sale value. It seems to be the domain of companies that are panicking and are trying in vain to jump on the internet gravy train!

Benedict Sykes does not run ppc campaigns for clients.

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