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Successful Search Engine Optimisation

Benedict Sykes achieves this by establishing "trust" within the search engines (see gates360). This equates to long term success. Our best example of this is one of the fist websites Benedict Sykes optimised design-online.co.uk. This website is still ranked on the first page in every major search engine for the keyword interior design.

With Search Engines receiving an estimated 90% of all Internet traffic, to be successful, it's critical that your website is optimised.

Industry studies have consistently shown that Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) are the single most effective method of generating web traffic over every other method.

A recent Benedict study (Jan 2007) found Search Engine listings generate six times more sales per visitor on average than banner ads or pay per click.

However, to be effective, users searching must be able to find your website based on a few keywords or search terms when they do a search. By submitting your selected keywords that apply to your website’s content, your chances of being found greatly increase.

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