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Choosing an seo consultant

Fundamentally if you cannot communicate with you SEO consultant your campaign will fail.

Things to look out for

How regular will reports be actioned

If questions need to be asked how available is the consultant on a daily basis

Has the consultant has experience of your industry

Has the consultant references that can be called to confirm all that has been promised

A number of consultants will only do what they are asked and not actually seek out new and better ideas and concepts. Can your consultant do this and can they show case studies?

Are they on the first page in Google for seo consultant? If not do you really think this consultant can succeed with your website when they cannot even rank their own?

Is you consultant active online. By this we mean if I do a search for benedict sykes seo consultant in Google am I going to get a number of search results that show a history of SEO?

Does the Consultant's existing website have a healthy number of back links?

Which SEO Consultant?

The right seo consultant

SEO Consultant

How to Choose an SEO Consultant according to Google


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