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"Probably the best SEO Consultant currently in the UK, not only did he over deliver, his ideas and concepts where very different to other SEOs we spoke with." D Harrington CPUK 2011 I am an SEO Consultant, also referred to as an Online Marketer or Digital Marketing Specialist. Although the roles differ slightly they are in essence the same. I am very well known in the industry and am probably the most innovative SEO Consultant in the UK.

As an SEO consultant my role is six fold. I am a creative SEO Consultant so my role is not only to report on the best ways to reach potential revenue goals, but also to look at new ways to generate traffic from other keywords, sources and websites.

1. Report on the client's expected revenue increases and other key objectives
2. Research both the client's current internet presence (website etc) and the potential traffic available for a client's top tier (most popular) keywords
3. Create a strategy to succeed in generating targeted revenue
4. Implement changes to website structure and optimise the website for desired keywords
5. Create an not affiliated network of links, blogs, articles, published press releases etc. to justify and give credibility to what is claimed in the website. Create an affiliated network of industry related websites that give further credibility
6. Report and analysis metrics to quantify campaign performance

This makes it sound very simple and when you are on your 70th campaign of this nature it invariably is.

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