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Microsoft Excel 2007 UK Training Courses
MS Excel 2007 Introduction - Create spreadsheets and input data. Create simple calculations. Learn to edit, delete, move, copy and manipulate data. Chart wizard, formatting a spreadsheet and printing.

MS Excel 2007 Intermediate - Creating formulas over multiple worksheets and workbooks. Sorting and filtering data. Learn advanced formatting techniques. Protecting data, creating advanced charts, using standard templates and creating your own templates.

MS Excel 2007 Advanced - Creating advanced formulas to make decisions. Importing and exporting data. Create and use look-ups and queries. Learn to work with Pivot Tables and other analytical tools. Record and use macros to automate your work.

MS Excel 2007 VBA - On our 2 day Excel VBA course, you'll learn Developing with Procedures and Functions, Introducing Objects, Utilising Intrinsic Functions, Variables and Expressions, Managing Program Execution, Harnessing Forms and Controls, Using the Pivot Table Object, Debugging The Code, Handling Errors.

Microsoft Word 2007 Training Courses
MS Word 2007 Introduction - Learn how to layout, insert and edit text in a document, moving and copying data within a document. Using formatting, tables, headers and footers. Use the spell check facility, printing documents and saving as a HTML file.

MS Word 2007 Intermediate - Work with sections and columns, formatting tables and integrating MS Excel data. Using styles to create outlines, advanced headers and footers. Printing functions, working with graphics, objects and document templates.

MS Word 2007 Advanced - Learn how to use mail merge and forms. Use indexes and master documents, automating your tasks using macros and toolbar customisation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Training Courses
MS PowerPoint 2007 Introduction
MS PowerPoint 2007 Intermediate / Advanced


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