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SEO Training

All SEO training courses are tailored for each individual company, based on requirements and current levels of knowledge. Courses can be run over a number of days and can be either beginner or advanced.

Example Course Structure
three days

1. Introduction: what's new in search engine marketing
2. Market entry and planning
3. Competitor analysis and keyword research
4. How to use Blogging and Social Media as SEO tools
5. Jump starting poorly ranking websites

6. Localisation and getting found in Local Search
7. Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
8. Innovative techniques for building inbound links

9. What about purchasing inbound links
10. Creating new websites and buying domains
11. Practical new keyword analysis tools and techniques
12. Don't be afraid of Latent Semantic Indexing

13. Latest Google Webmaster Central developments
14. Exploiting Web 2.0 and new media marketing
15. Techniques for increasing conversion rates and sales

16. Staying out of trouble with Google
17. Exercise in optimising your website (Dreamweaver)
18. Monitoring rankings and KPIsseo training

19. Working with Google Analytics
20. Email Marketing and the use of data
21. Integrating PPC advertising with SEO
22. Utilising Pay Per Click Data for SEO use
23. Conclusion and moving forward


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