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Website Management Courses

Website Management Courses are aimed at individual employees who would become responsible for the management of the company's website. Although the course is aimed at managing a website it also includes aspects of managing a company's online presence, submitting press releases, articles blogs etc.

Website Management Course

Four day Course
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course Structure
Introduction to the industry
1. What website design is about, it's role and importance within industry and the technical developments throughout it's fairly short lived life.
2. Introduction to Dreamweaver and managing websites
3. Look at the set up of the program, it's capabilities, restrictions and layout.

4. Setting up website files
5. First part of practical training, familiarising the students with the correct procedures in setting up a site, defining folders and locating files.
6. Using Style Sheets Templates and Library Items
(NB Homework is given)

7. Familiarise the students with Style Sheets, Templates and Library Items and the differences between updating these items from those of standard pages. We also take a look at why these are important and their role within a web site.
8. We go over the points learned during the morning session with questions and answers.
9. Updating of homework websites

10. Look at your company's own site and how the student will go about updating the various different areas.
11. Putting updated files onto the internet
12. Creating your first website
(NB Homework is given)

13. This session teaches the students the correct way to FTP files so that they appear live on their company's website.
14. Refresher session going over the points learned during the whole day with a question and answer section at the end
15. Testing the students

16. Students updating their own company website, saving the file, putting up to the internet and testing that everything works satisfactorily.
17. CMS and it uses
18. Implementing CMS into a company website
19. Use of CMS for all employees
20. Web Pr, use of blogging and articles, information propagation


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