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Website Promotion is not an instant science. We do not control Google, or another search engine.We do not have special software for link building, or underhand tricks that seek to manipulate search results, we have our experience and our skill. see internet marketing ethics

"At the beginning of our project, Benedict made us fully aware of the SEO costs and implementation timescales .....because we needed to be able to budget accordingly, none of us like nasty surprises. He has consistently kept to the exact figure quoted and has exceed his number of hours."
D.Harringotn Conversation-Piece Ltd

It is very similar to promoting a business using traditional marketing methods. It takes time and a concentrated effort of client and consultant. Successful website promotion takes numerous campaigns, reviews and monitoring to ensure success.

The price of a successful online campaign can run into the £1000s but the profit that a number of my clients have enjoyed runs into £100,000s.

Website Promotion prices   or calculate SEO Costs instantly online ...SEO costs online

Please note all clients are asked to sign a three month contract. Why


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