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Website Promotion - SEO Prices

Prices are determined by the amount of actual man hours required for a client's website(s) to be ranked on the first page for prominent keywords.

How much time do I need?, what will it cost?

If you would like to calculate the cost now then please follow the advice below. A good reason for this is that we want you to begin to understand the process and hurdles that need to be overcome. Simply, we want you to get a good idea of the task you are setting us.

I just want an idea of prices

Prices are calculated using the following criteria:
website promotion prices

1. Type into Google your primary keyword
(ie the simplest word or words that best describe your product or service, for example, hotel, solicitor, insurance) Look to the right and look at the number of web pages that are listed for this search.

ie Results 1 - 10 of about 8,560,000 for 'solicitor'

Make a note of this number. If it is not in the millions then try a more generic word to describe your product or service.

website promotion prices 


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