Casino is a thing. TV shows that enchant us with the glamorous gambling world. People enjoy watching gamblers become millionaires at casinos. So, if you want to binge on casino-themed TV shows, here are four worth watching from the past and present.

And those trying to binge-watch TV shows during this pandemic? Try watching gambling-themed TV shows. Let me suggest the top ten gambling TV shows you should watch. Moreover, gambling movies and TV shows are a gambler’s dream come true, as they can help explain UK gambling laws or teach you some cool tricks to use in the real world.

They arouse a desire for success. These TV shows are a must-see. All of these casinos are available online via streaming services. The UK can easily find these as they are all accessible. These shows all depict the real world of gambling. Almost all of them are shot in real casinos and poker rooms.

1. Las Vegas

It ran from 2003-2008 and gained a cult following. It was an ensemble comedy-drama series. The story revolved around a former CIA agent who now works security in Las Vegas. This show is extra fun for casino fans because it uses so many real locations and landmarks, giving you a true taste of Las Vegas.

2. Kings of Vagas

King of Vegas was a gambling contest where players competed for a million dollars. The show featured twelve contestants chosen by the producers. Six of the competitors were professional gamblers, while the other six were amateurs. Every week, one player was eliminated, leaving nothing behind.

A love story at the heart of Kings of Vegas. From the novel McQueen, the O’Malley clan resurfaces, ready to show everyone who’s boss! Frankie Love has teamed up with the sinfully sweet Alice May Ball to gamble on love.

3. Luck

Gettn’up Morning, by veteran trainer Walter Smith, sparks an on-track rivalry between rookie Rosie and veteran Ronnie, represented by agent Joey Rathburn. Ace’s plan to resurrect Santa Anita Racetrack includes casino gambling.

It’s all about horses in this drama set at Santa Anita Park in California, where trainers, jockeys, gamblers, and criminals all have something to lose.

Of course, the series is beautifully shot, capturing the tense excitement of horses straining at the gate for the bell. A slow-motion pan of the horse, the jockey’s eyes filling with tears, fans frozen in wonder — the kind of long, majestic shot for which Martin Scorsese is famous.

4. Celebrity Poker Showdown

A game show about actors and actresses playing poker. A game show about actors and actresses playing poker. The tournament is a freeroll for celebrities who are invited only. Everyone leaves with money (no one leaves empty-handed), but the tournament winner gets the “lion’s share,” and those who make the final table get a lot more than those who don’t. Every player’s winnings go to the charity they choose at the start of the tournament.

With the original color commentator Kevin Pollak replaced by a softer, gentler, and less expert host David Foley, Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown has been a huge ratings hit.

Hidden cameras will allow viewers to see the players’ hands. They will also be able to hear from the eliminated players who will be watching their matches on closed circuit television from the Loser’s Lounge.

5. Peaky Blinders

A gangster family epic set in post-war Birmingham. Peaky Blinders is an epic set in Birmingham, England, in 1919, a few months after the end of World War One in November 1918. On the show, Tommy Shelby, the gang’s ambitious and cunning boss (Murphy).

The Peaky Blinders gang is thriving in the roaring 1920s. Thomas Shelby’s rise to power brings him and his family into contact with new worlds of hedonism and excess. The story follows the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and dangerous boss Thomas Shelby.
The group’s fame and name may have come from local slang using the term “blinder” to describe someone who stood out. Whatever inspired the name, it stuck and became a gang moniker long after Peaky Blinders ended.

6. Slotified

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