Welcome to the new and improved cutmovie.co.uk. We wish you a good time. Despite the loss of its co-founder and namesake in 2013, Cutmovie.co.uk is still going strong. Renowned web developers and IT consultants from across Europe were involved in the current redesign.

To maintain the site’s love of movies, decades of reviews, and readership. Editors are ruthless in their pursuit of timeless insights into cinematic discourse while also exploring new releases. Our goal is to provide up-to-date reviews of major studio films, independent and documentary films, popular television or cable series, and shows available on various online streaming platforms.

Cutmovie.co.uk now includes more user-friendly features, faster loading times, and improved search engine optimization. More video and print features, tributes to events in cinema and even in life, will appear sooner or later.
In the near future, our Ebert Prime subscription service will include ad-free access to the cutmovie.co.uk fan club, as well as exclusive rare footage for cinephiles. Ebert Prime will be available soon. We’re also reintroducing “Letters to the Editors” as a way to stay in touch. So we’re content to keep using it.

Cutmovie.co.uk blazed a lot of trails. Roger was always pushing the envelope when it came to democratizing and making film criticism more accessible. He was very pleased with the site the last time he saw it, and it is our goal to keep improving it in order to earn his approval.

So grab some popcorn and join in the fun.

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