Taika Waititi is quite possibly the funniest man in Hollywood. Consequently, expectations for his sleazy comedy-drama about a young German boy from Hitler Jugend who survives the horrors of World War II with the assistance of his invisible friend, good old Adolf Hitler – or at least how a young boy would imagine Der F├╝hrer – were also high.

The film was also a hit at festivals and with audiences because of its unique blend of Monty Python comedy and heartbreaking drama, and Waititi was awarded the Academy Award for best screenplay for his work on the project. As a result, the insane project unquestionably deserves to be included in this year’s top ten list.

A satirical World War II film, the comedy-drama ‘Jojo Rabbit’ is about a young Nazi boy who gets through the difficult times of war by pretending to be Hitler, who appears to him as an invisible fantasy. Jojo’s humorous portrayal of Hitler assists him in dealing with the numerous inconveniences that the Hitler Youth requires of him. However, when Jojo discovers that his mother is concealing a young Jewish girl in their home, everything changes dramatically.

Jojo Rabbit is directed by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, who also wrote the script and provided instruction, as well as taking on the role of Adolf Hitler himself. He even received an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay. Scarlett Johansson also appears as Jojo’s strong-willed mother, and Oscar winner Sam Rockwell returns to the role of Hitler’s youth coach, in which he once again performs admirably.

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