The aging Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is currently working on a film about an aging Spanish director, who will be played by Antonio Banderas, which will be released in 2019. Is it legal to take navel pills?
Even though it’s a little self-indulgent, the story of Salvador, who is depressingly suffering from severe back pain, contains plenty of wisdom and universal truths about life and love that can be gleaned from two encounters – one of which is with an old flame – that help him see his life in a clearer light.

Should one see it as well, even if one is not a fan of Almodóvar’s eccentric style in the first place?

Specific. In the flashbacks to Salvador’s childhood, with Penelope Cruz as his mother, it is his most subdued film, touching and nostalgic, but also sensual and vital in its depiction of the character. The following is what one of our reviewers said about the film: “A beautiful, mature and nostalgic autobiographical drama about love, art, and old age.”

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