Thimba Media, an iGaming performance marketing company, announced today the acquisition of the organic affiliate network based in the United Kingdom. (“theslotbuzz”).

Thimba Media’s revenues in the local Regulated markets will be approximately 40% of their market traffic acquisition profile.

At the current run rate, the purchase price of Slot Buzz is 3.9 times Net Income. Buzz in the Slots The EBITDA for this year is expected to be $500,000.

“The Slot Buzz acquisition is an important strategic deal for us from the standpoint of a risk-taker,” says Thimba CEO Chris Russell. When many affiliates only focus on the US market, we seek acquisitions in value markets regulation and law to guide our future business stability.’s strong brand and community of Slots Players are an ideal match for our company. The move strengthens our global commitment to localised markets, in our opinion. Following that, this asset’s brand was transformed from a UK-facing to a locally-focused one that regulated English-speaking markets, including the US.

“Excited to be finally selling Thimba Media, a testament to our efforts,” said Mark Wadie of Helicon One Digital Ltd.

The Slot Buzz has skyrocketed in popularity in the United Kingdom as the business that has expanded affiliate sites across global market regulation We are excited to continue our own journey as The Casino Heat is launched in North America.”

The cash balance at Thimba Media was used to fund the acquisition.

Thimba Media
Thimba is a pioneer in the fields of iGaming and lead generation. Thimba has grown to have a diverse portfolio of lead generation sites.

The World’s Finest Betting Casinos The company intends to combine strategic acquisitions with internal innovation. Thimba currently employs over 70 people. For more information, go to.


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