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Website Marketing, Industrial SEO

Benedict offer a full website marking service which we refer to as TOTAL SEO. Total SEO is where we help to create your own unique part of the internet. What this means is that after working on your corporate website we look for ways to maximising traffic and conversions by building a number of supporting websites, directories, new ecommerce sites that draw from the same database but target additional keywords, in short we do not stop until we have exhausted very angei.


It works


How we work

Our company structure is set so that every client deals direct with a senior SEO Consultant. Benedict Sykes is resposbible for creating and implementing all client's SEO strategies


Supporting Benedict are a team of four. These include two web designers and two content creators. This team follow instructions given by Benedict in accordance with a client's needs and targets.


The process is very smooth, minimising delay or wasted time on unclear goals.


Are we different?

What you will quickly find after calling 020 8879 3340 and speaking to me, that we work very differently from other SEO Agencies. There is no article submissions are length blogs. We have a tried and test system that works. We reseach link building and present results that move our clients up in the search engines.


I have been a website marketing expert since 2003, specialising in organic website promotion or Natural Search. I 'partner' my clients, to successfully build a strong, credible internet presence that produces long term revenue streams for their company.   I do not undertake ppc campaigns, but concentrate solely on natural search.



why website promotion?

By concentrating on the 'user' and not the search engine, I can gain maximum revenue, by offering maximum online attraction and hence promotion. I have all of the skills and resources required to make your website into a revenue vehicle for your company. SEO Prices




Have a marketing department and need an SEO Consultant

If you have a marketing department and are looking for help with aspects of your SEO strategy then Benedict's top SEO Consulant, Mr Sykes is available on a Consultancy basis.


Website Promotion through Natural Search


I am an award winning and renowned SEO Consultant based in London that has concrete proof of SEO success and the client testimonials to substantiate them.. I combine my core SEO techniques with innovative internet strategies that are far more advanced than contemporary SEO techniques. I head up a team of four employees, which between them have over 25 years SEO experience.


where we take over responsibilty for a client's online presence which includes:

  • Design and creation new pages
  • Creation of all necessay content
  • Hands on Optimisation
  • All research, competitor and keyword
  • Link building
  • Hosting and



Link Building Service, external link management

Strategic Link Building, additional websites,, ecommerce websites, even complete online directories, can be created to promote key parts of a client's business and to disrupt potential customer's search methods.




All clients receive a monthly report. This report is not about traffic or about Google position, but is a factual document that outlines exactly what work has been undertaken and the number of hours spent on each task. This document grows on a monthly basis and forms a client's historic SEO work and is a useful point of reference.


I combine my core SEO techniques with innovative internet strategies that are far more advanced than contemporary SEO techniques. I head up a team of four employees, which between them have over 25 years SEO experience.


Targets and Goals


What can often become lost in SEO campaigns, where the majority of our concentration is on a client's Google rankings, is that increased revenue is are driving target. Our single KPI is revenue increases month on month, we are not intertested in traffic reports, or SERPS, all of our clients are presnted with a monthly list of the work implemented to both their websites and other sites we have created and how this has effected sales.



Creative SEO with the crenditials and past results to back up all our claims
nominet membes since 2005


Unfortunately the SEO industry receives a lot of bad press which can lead companies into believing that all UK SEO Companies are as bad as each other. Whilst we have had experience of picking up the pieces left by other ' professionals' the industry is simple maturing and the cowboy will hopefully become less.

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About Benedict
website marketing since 2003


Benedict is an SEO Company established in 2003 andbased in London. With a team of 8 staff built around a sucessful SEO Consulant, our clients have the reassurance that their SEO strategy is being built, implemented and managed by one of the UK leading search experts.

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Please call 020 8879 3340 or click here to contact Benedict

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